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Attract the Men you Want and the Love You Desire

For high-achieving women of faith ready to design a love life dripping with love, joy, freedom, and high-quality men.

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A 12-Week Journey designed to transform you into a woman who creates a fun, fruitful, forward-moving love life that serves her deeply at the highest level.

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What If I Told You That...

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You're already Well-Educated
and Well-Paid. NOW is the time to also be Well-LOVED!

There is a HUGE opportunity for you to meet, attract and date high-quality men who will provide, protect and pursue you for the romantic partnership you desire?

You can learn to attract high-quality men anywhere and everywhere you go (no matter your zip code, age, weight, or skin color)

Dating is a spiritual practice designed to get you closer to God, closer to YOU, and closer to your desires.

Choosing YOU first leads to you having plenty of quality options in men to choose from. 

You can date with intention AND have lots of fun doing it. 

If you can believe what I’m telling you, you can also create a new reality where

love is abundant, quality men are plentiful, and dating is a fulfilling adventure.

“I now have NO issues attracting quality men OR getting them to financially or emotionally invest (as a matter of fact I'm trying to figure out how to get them to stop falling in love so fast).
I’m having so much fun exploring, dating and having multiple men to provide for me….marriage is still a goal (eventually) BUT I now know I can have it happen when I WANT!”

Rashanda B. | Happily Dating

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There is an awakening happening in the modern dating world.

Women of Faith are waking up and taking responsibility for their love lives. 

They are...

…Tapping into the power of God within them, instead of waiting on God to send a man. 

Walking away from harmful “purity culture” theology and embracing their sexuality.

Leaving churches that are urging them to keep their legs closed, but also not actively helping them get married.

Done performing for men who will celebrate them for being “good girls”, but never pursue them for marriage.

…Finally deciding to do what works best for them, instead of blindly following religious rules & traditions that have been keeping them single and unsatisfied.

Making an Impact
and Reaping the Benefits!

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C2C Clients
”I spent 10 years being single. A year and a half later after signing up for C2C, I finally got cuffed lol. Thank you Torah for all your wisdom and guidance.  I knew nothing about the dating game until you schooled me.”

Jessica P. - Happily Married

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You Can Benefit Too!

As a Woman made in the image of God…you can use your creation powers to design a whole new life that supports your desire for love, intimacy, and romance. 

Let’s exercise the faith you have and get to Werk. 









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Christina D. - Happily Dating

"I never imagined my love life would ever look like this…from the men I meet to what I’ve been exposed to.  Now I have no issue connecting with high-quality men…whether it’s platonic or for romance. And the best part? Dating and the quality of men just keeps getting better and better. And I know when it’s time to make a decision to choose who will be my husband…all my choices are the creme de la creme."
Flower Shop

What Do You Desire?

Feeling peaceful even after being ghosted by a guy you really liked?


Squealing with excitement to your friends while discussing how fun dating is for you?


The ability to ask for what you want while dating, and successfully getting what you asked?


Confidence at family events where everyone likes to ask “Are you still single?”


Fun, exciting dating experiences that feed your soul and light you up inside?


Logging into your favorite dating app and being greeted with quality matches ready to set up a date?


Walking into a room and being able to capture the gaze of men who are inspired to approach. 


Never being afraid to end a connection because there is an abundance of men waiting for you


Having fun, enjoyable conversations with men that don’t fizzle, pop or burn over time. 


The choice to get married whenever you want because you're always having quality options to choose from

All of This is Possible When You Embrace….

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“C2C lead me into the most healthy, forward-moving, caring, and fulfilling relationship I’ve ever been in!
I’m so confident in knowing I can show up as WHO I am always
and ask for WHAT I desire/need and there are men out here who
can and will rise to the occasion.”
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Alyssa H. - Happily Married

My entire life has
changed drastically.
I’m so confident in knowing I can show up as WHO I am always and ask for WHAT I desire/need and there are  men out here who can and will rise to the occasion.”

Winne M. - Happily Dating

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I used to play on the Varsity basketball team when I was in high school...and one of the most valuable things I learned was to always be in a triple-threat position. 


A player who is a triple threat on the court is in the perfect position to do three things - pass, shoot, or dribble. 


Not only did being in a triple threat position give me the biggest opportunity to make a move for the shot and score…but as a player it allowed me to see the entire court, read the defensive players and identify open players on my team. 


I quickly realized I could take the basics of positioning myself to dominate in a basketball game and apply it to dominate in the dating game.

I learned how to

and always attract the men I desired by positioning myself as a Triple Threat Success Woman.

design a love life that I LOVED

A Triple Threat Success Woman is a woman who embodies three abilities: 


Being clear on WHO you need to be to have the love you desire


Knowing WHAT you stand for and HOW to have the love you desire


Meeting, attracting and building relationships with the MEN you desire

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Copy of Copy of The Triple Threat Success Woman.png

Each ability on its own is POWERFUL, but when you embody them all you become


And when you’re Unstoppable, you become a woman who...

...sets and reaches her relationship goals, while enjoying the journey along the way. 

expresses her desires and allows the world the opportunity to fulfill them for her. 

lives and loves on her own terms…instead of following the “rules” society and religion created for her.

creates raving fans among men (and women) who are excited to be in her presence.

becomes her own celebrity and takes up space (instead of hiding behind the scenes)

turns her “losses” (with love and in life) into very valuable lessons to learn from.

This is a woman who

instead of waiting for love and life to just happen to her

creates her own reality

In basketball, the triple-threat position can be

brilliantly successful, but many players


neglect to get into position


and others don’t know what to do once they're in position.

They miss shots

They don't score points

They lose games


And they miss their shots at designing a thriving dating life and end up losing at love. 

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So many women neglect to do the work necessary to BE the Triple Threat Success Woman…

...while others have no idea what it would even take to transform into one


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Curved To Cuffed

You consider yourself a high-achieving woman of faith and want the same success with love that you already have with other areas in your life. 


You want to embrace your deep desire for love, intimacy, sex, and romance (whether you’re practicing abstinence or not)? 


You desire to embody the clarity, confidence, and connection of a high-quality woman who easily attracts high-quality men. 


You deem yourself a non-traditional believer and are ready to open your heart and mind to new and unique perspectives.

This Journey is for You if…

... and you:

Consider yourself a personal growth enthusiast who invests in your self-development the way you already have with your career/business and education. 


Feel loved, valued, and supported by the family or friends in your life. 


Ready to take full responsibility for the state of your love life (instead of blaming it on men).


Are committed to doing the “work” to become the 2.0 version of yourself and not just obsessed with getting a man. 


Are open to being seen and witnessed in a group setting.


"I walk in my worth and only invest in men who invest in me.

But I also make the choice daily to set my intentions, invest in myself, put in the work, honor my desires and that started with me investing in myself. Before I would have questioned if I was desirable to men or if my standards were too high and now I’ am too busy being well-loved, protected, and provided for."

Safiyyah F. - Happily Dating

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"In the last 90 days I’ve been on more dates than I can count.

I have hella options and I act as I know.  I’m in awe, and I'm so proud of who I became to make me the sun of my solar system. I was acting like the moon and was stuck on a man at the beginning of this,  and now I'm enjoying dating, and I’m so much more comfortable with this journey."

Kimberly H. - Happily Dating

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Here's What You Can Expect if You Accept My Invite: 


When you join C2C, you’ll be given access to 8 modules of the curriculum. 


It’s dripped out week-by-week, so you have time to learn & implement before going to the next step. 

The Curriculum guides you through 3 phases:



Your journey begins with you getting clear about WHO you need to be to create the love life you desire to have. 


This is where you will adopt new thoughts, beliefs, and character traits that will empower you to become the 2.0 version of yourself and reshape your reality to invite the love and men you desire. 


In Scripture, Christ reveals that you cannot pour new wine into an old wineskin. You’re going to have to become a new woman before you can embody these new teachings.



The journey continues with you being convicted of WHO you are as a woman, WHAT exactly you stand for, and HOW to show up as a High-Quality woman who creates high-quality experiences in her love life. 


Shift your energy by learning how to live & love with more freedom, successfully implement your boundaries, live by your core values, and choose yourself FIRST so that you can choose the right men for you. 


This is where you begin to embody being the Sun in your love life solar system, while the men rotate around you like the planets.



Step into a version of you that easily meets, attracts and builds quality relationships with quality men. 


Statistics, circumstances, and location are irrelevant because you will learn to meet high-quality men anywhere and everywhere you go. 


Your journey leads you to feel adored and appreciated by men who invest in you (mentally, emotionally, and financially) and are inspired to pursue you for a serious commitment.

+ Beneficial BONUSES!

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To help you implement the curriculum you will have access to Weekly Intimate Group Coaching Calls With a C2C Success Coach and Weekly Q&A Calls with TorahCents.


All Calls are LIVE and we are dedicated to tracking your progress, helping you get unstuck, and holding you accountable to your relationship goals EVERY single week.


Embarking on a transformational journey toward love can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. 


When you join the C2C community, you’ll be warmly welcomed into an inner circle of other like-minded, high-achieving women whom you can connect with and be supported with.


 You start C2C together as students of love...


But you finish not only as a FAMILY but also as leaders of a movement.

Copy of Pt. 2 NEW MASTERCLASS (6).png


I’ve transformed from having men say “you’d make a great wife someday” to “what would it take for us to be exclusive? 

I finally took the leap and joined C2C (S/O to April 2021 cohort). I told myself that at the end of it I would invite Torah to my wedding!! I learned HOW to approach dating differently, developed boundaries, changed my mindset from scarcity to abundance, how to build a rooster/rotation of quality men who provide, protect and build for me and how to be curious about all men/vet men properly with my community."

Faithe O. - Happily Married

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Curved 2 Cuffed is intentionally designed to be a safe, expansive, and supportive space for each and every woman in the space.


Also, we also require our clients to be able to come into the program and hit the ground running.

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For those reasons, I ask that you complete the application so that I can ensure that you are ready for this experience before moving forward. 

You can expect to hear from me (or a member of my team) with a final decision within five to seven days of your application submission.


We will send you a private VIP training that will reveal what it takes to become a Triple Threat Success Woman who designs her love life filled with fun, freedom, and fine-ass, quality men!

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We’ll also send you a link so you can enroll at your convenience. 

Along with a special invite to a virtual open house to hang out with me, Team Torah, and a few of the Cuff-links.


We’ll have a chance to get to know one another AND you get to ask questions about what you can look forward to if you enroll.


If your application reveals that C2C is not a good fit, you will also receive recommended resources that will help assist you in improving your love life.

Upon approval, be prepared to make an investment in the low four-figure range.

Shruti's Video


The men I date now are emotionally available, respect me as a woman, treat me like a Queen... and more!

Shruti A. Happily Dating

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Jessica's Video
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" I was ten years single then BOOM - a year and a half later your girl is here! "

Jessica P. - Happily Married

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" I didn't know what to change to make my love life work before Curved To Cuffed...
now I'm in bliss! "

Kris J. - Happily Dating

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You're Here to Be
Loved & BE Love

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When most people think of “love” they think of something they can give or get from someone. 

Love is much more than that as a Child of God… it’s who you ARE. 

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