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The Hot Girl Summa Retreat Begins
on Saturday June 3rd at 10:00 AM CST

There is an awakening happening in the modern dating world.

Women of Faith are finally realizing they have the power to create abundant love lives that serve them.

The days of accepting crumbs, compromising, and waiting for men to choose us are over.

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Design your love life for fun & freedom!

A 1-Day Virtual Workshop
June 3, 2023

This live, one-day virtual event will give you the inspiration, tools and education you need to become the ultimate STAR of your love life so you can finally have fun dating the men you desire - do not miss this one-time live event!

If your dating goals this year include:

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Designing a love life that is fun, fruitful, and filled with freedom - (Even if you’re a single mom with a busy schedule)


Dating multiple men who all provide, protect and build for you - without feeling overwhelmed


Breaking free from being known as the “Nice Girl” who is overlooked and under appreciated. 


Becoming irresistible to high-quality men who seek to please you. 


Optimizing your life so that you have more than enough time and energy to date. 


Living a life filled with love and leisure that serves you at the highest level. 


Then you need to be in the room at this one-time, live virtual event!

It’s time to
become the SUN!

Learn how to choose YOU first while also

choosing the men you entertain

Be the center of attention of your love life solar system…while these men rotate around you like the planets.

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All while having fun and creating real connections designed around YOUR life.

This virtual event will show you exactly what’s working now for hundreds of successful women of faith who are...

well-educated, well-paid


You will design a vibrant, love life by being radically responsible, building your confidence, setting boundaries and living by your core values.


June 3, 2023

Mark Your



Sessions from

10 am CST -

5 pm CST


Tune-in from anywhere, sessions stream live!


Be sure to bring a notebook and pen!



People have never seen anything quite like it… 


Our clients are attracting high-quality men who pursue them for marriage, buy them gifts, fly them out and provide them emotional support. 


They are filled with confidence, having so much fun dating and enjoying their lives while doing it. 


It’s because they have the right skills for  navigating the dating scene, without exhausting themselves by following the crowd or silly rules. 


They have desires that are fulfilled on demand. 


If you desire a love life that is fun, fruitful, forward-moving and filled with fine ass men…this virtual event will show you how.


There’s a revolution happening for women

of faith in the modern dating world.




Repressive dating “Rules", Pick-Me behavior, and the people-pleasing “Nice Girl” culture are being replaced by healthy guidelines, rotational dating and passionate self-love.

meet your host:

Dating Coach + Virtual Retreat Host 

Hey Queen! I’ve helped hundreds of smart & successful women of faith like you connect with high-quality men and create healthy, unique love lives that light them up. 


I started this work when I finally got tired of watching women loyally sitting in church congregations for years that preached hard for them to be “good girls”, to wait for God to send them a man and to “keep their legs closed” while they waited. 


They were not teaching these women how to date and design a love life that excited them and allowed them to date the men they desired with ease. 


Ultimately leaving these women single, sexually frustrated, and skeptical of God’s promises.


My Mantra: “Live for God and Love the Life You Live”


Women should be able to live their dream lives of joy, love, and freedom without having to compromise their faith.  


My role in making that a reality is helping women of faith create amazing love lives and connect with high-quality men who provide, protect and build for them. 


I’d love to help you do the same!

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Smart women are trading in other people’s opinions for their TRUE desires.

Where there is freedom, there is fun. Get the secrets to living and loving in a way that feels liberating.

Simplify your life and elevate your needs so that high-quality men have room to show up for you.

You deserve a love life that serves your deepest desires. Grow your confidence so you can ask for what you want…and get it.



The price for this retreat is less than the price of brunch and bottomless mimosas…but don’t be fooled!


We are bringing high-end, up-scale value to this life-changing bundle

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Virtual Event Workshop




Grow & Glow: Welcome & Becoming the Sun in Your Love Life Solar System



Apply Sunscreen: Creating Healthy Dating Boundaries



Igniting the Flame: B.O.M.B. Ass Experience ( with Coach Rashanda)



Boost Your Inner G: Building Your Dating Confidence ( Panel )



Your Magnetic Field: Living and Dating By Your Core Values


Join us for one dynamic day of workshops, real-talk and closed-door Q&A with me and other leaders in this revolutionary movement.

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The Truth About Confident Women


Even the women who are most successful at saying “NO”, magnetizing high-quality men and asking for what they desire did NOT wake up like this (Not even Torah 😜). 


You aren’t born with confidence…you BUILD it. 


Learn how you can take up more space while dating, ask for what you want from men &  trust yourself more to make the right romantic decision

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The “B.O.M.B. Ass Experience”


Tired of your connections fizzling out? 

Let Torah share with you in detail the super, simple approach to shine with men and keep your interactions hot so they seriously pursue you

(even if you’re dating multiple men).

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Skills & Guidelines to Take You From “Pleaser” to “Prize”


And yes, this applies even if you’ve been people pleasing for most of your life. 


Torah will be sharing exactly what she teaches her clients to be in a position to choose themselves first so they aren’t desperately waiting to be chosen. 


You’ll learn how to show up in the world strong, authentic and highly desired. 


Get ready to show up and take up space!

Get ready to fulfill your FULL potential!

Position yourself as a high-quality woman who attracts high-quality men
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Grab your virtual ticket now! 🎟️

*Purchases are non-refundable.

Access to all live streamed sessions on June 3, 2023.

7-day access to the live sessions.

Training, event sessions, and Q&A on confidence building, dating strategies, magnetizing men, core values, boundary setting, and so much more!

Tell-All Q&A sessions to get your questions answered.

You Need to Be at this Event If: