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Time to Step Your Dating Game Up

If you’re actually meeting men you like…and your connections almost always fizzle out or never lead to anything…

you’re gonna wanna pay close attention to this part. 


I present one of most important dating skills that most women of faith (and women in general) overlook and downplay: 

The Skill of Creating Quality Conversations

No matter how you slice it… You’re not really dating if you’re not having conversations. 


And if you’re not creating quality conversations, you're not having quality dating experiences. 


Whether you're talking to men through a dating app…through text…over the phone…on a date… 


…the quality of the conversations that you co-create with them can make or break your dating experiences and the quality of men you’re able to date.


Since most Women of Faith haven’t cultivated their ability to have quality conversations with men (due to us being conditioned to be very passive about our love lives and never being taught how.)


…we often struggle with establishing deep, healthy relationships with quality men.

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg

Please note: Quality men are always in conversation with women.


…and unfortunately most of the women they’re dating sound the same...


same greetings

same responses

same questions

same check-in texts 🥴 lol.


It leads to communication that is repetitive, boring & lackluster…


…so even though they may like you…these men often lose interest and take their attention elsewhere.


It becomes really easy for them to walk away from a connection no matter how beautiful, smart or amazing a woman truly is.


The good news is that it’s also really easy for YOU to stand out and create conversations with quality men that are purposeful, fun, unique, memorable and meaningful.


So they begin responding to you like this…

unnamed (7).jpg
unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg

Here’s a lesson I want all high-achieving women of faith who desire a relationship to learn.


The goal of conversations is not to make progress towards a relationship…it’s to build connection. 


It may sound counter-intuitive…


But once you learn how to build true connection with the men you date…you won’t have to try and “move the relationship forward.” 


The commitment you desire will come easy for you and seem to almost “fall into your lap”. 😉


If you’re interested in learning how to create conversations with men that inspire this kind of commitment…I’ve created a 2 day virtual workshop that is designed to help you go from having a dry dating life (filled with boring, meaningless conversations that fizzle out)...


…to deeply connecting with multiple high quality men who are excited about pursuing you for a serious commitment.

Thank you for taking the time to read my essay!

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Find out more about the 2-day:
Conversations That Inspire Commitment Workshop 🎉

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