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Woman annoyed of date not giving her attention

The way we date is broken.
And we have the power to fix it.



Note: Hey girl…this quick essay will help shift your perspective on how you view modern dating

And: it’ll direct your desire to date and deepen your connections with high-quality, marriage-minded men.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrases:

Modern dating is trash” or

The Dating pool has pee in it” 


You’re probably also familiar with the scene of a group of girlfriends…sitting around a table (or flocking to the comment section of a social media post)...


.…all sharing stories about their latest dating disasters.

Stick figure holding a heart with other stick figure trying to reach saying: "I Don't Wanna Play This Game Anymore"
GIF of a woman mouthing: "Men Suck"

Which makes sense…because according to studies, nearly half of U.S. adults say dating has gotten harder for most people in the last 10 years. 


And YES…dating IS harder. 


Especially for high-achieving women of faith…


But it’s not for the reasons you may think. 


❌ It’s not because quality men are almost extinct and have become harder to find. 


If I can brag a little ...I've helped thousands of women transform their love lives and I’ve found  that there are way more than enough quality men to go around for women who are ready for them. 


❌ It’s not because technology has made women more disposable to men because there are too many options to choose from online.


No matter how many options there are, quality men are always focused and intentional enough to sort through and pursue women who they feel are most aligned with them. 


❌ It’s also not because other women are so easy that men aren’t inspired to put in effort or commit.


Quality men desire to show up for and commit to women they can see a future with. Another woman exercising her right to be “easy” has no impact on the choices of a man who is clear on his romantic vision.

Dating is harder because we’re finally living in a time where dating skills are necessary


… but most people have not taken the time to develop them. 


Let’s examine why this phenomenon is occurring….and in doing so…I’m gonna give a (super) quick history lesson on marriage and how coupling between men and women has evolved over the years. 

Next: Part 2 (of 4):

The Evolution of Marriage and Dating (and how it’s made our dating lives harder).

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