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If you think the point of conversation with men (before and during dating) is simply to:

1. "get to know each other better" or
2. “move the relation
ship forward

then we gotta talk.

Here's the reality...

Dating conversations carry way more significance and impact than ya’ll learning about what you have in common or touching base enough to “make progress”...


If done right….they can actually be your superpower that sets you up to deeply connect with multiple high quality men who are excited about pursuing you for a serious commitment.


If you've been struggling with:

  • ghosting right after matching

  • boring conversations

  • and/or a lot of your connections fizzling out fairly quickly

Here's what I gotta say:

Until you master the art of conversational magic…it’s gonna be hard for you to connect with quality, commitment-ready men. 


Please understand that this is bigger than flirting, sweet-talk or cutesy word-play. 

It's about authentically refining how you communicate so you can finally build deep lasting connections with the types of men you want...

AND create the love life you desire!

Introducing the...

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In this Workshop:

You’ll learn how to use your words to attract better men, create better dating experiences and manifest a healthy, loving relationship this year.

Our next monthly coaching session is on:

Saturday, May 18, 2024

See details below

As a high-achieving woman of faith, you desire to have as much success in your love life as you've had in other areas of your life:

FinancialCareer | Education

But to do that you have to interact with men and establish a connection with them

And here's the thing about that...

80% of your interactions

are going to be driven and guided by the conversations you have with these men

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Regardless if you're:

moving off a dating app to a phone call

enjoying a first date together or

deciding whether to go to go exclusive

It all involves conversation

Dating is either 1 of 2 things... you’re either creating conversations that block or build deep connection

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This two-day workshop is for you if you desire more than the repetitive "Good Morning Beautiful" texts that never seem to lead anywhere 🙄

If you're ready to move from boring, surface-level conversations

that fizzle out after a couple weeks...

This workshop will help you to

finally engage in meaningful conversations that intensify your connections and inspire men to commit.

There's a lot of us women who believe that men don't want to commit to a serious relationship.

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What we’re not realizing is there are a variety of reasons why a man won’t commit.

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One of the most common reasons

(yet grossly overlooked) is the lack of quality of the conversations a man has with a woman.

When a man is taking his time to get to know a woman...

through textover-the-phoneor on a date

there's a LOT of talking going on.

If a quality man doesn’t feel excited, challenged, safe or energized in these conversations…he will lose interest

no matter how beautiful, smart, or "prepared for marriage" you are.

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The problem is that most of us have been conditioned to say lots of words 

just to "make progress" or" move a connection along". But we haven't been taught how to create a connection through communication and that's why so many of us unknowingly downplay the significance of how they communicate and converse with men

Often times, we are creating conversations with men to validate our own insecurities

"I like him… But does he like me?"
I need to know if he wants a relationship
"Is he still interested in me?"

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And worse…in an attempt to be more “feminine”...we may completely rely on men to communicate and curate the conversations that we wanna to have. 

What's wild is that often times after reviewing a usual interacton between a client and a man she's dating...

I'll ask: "What was your purpose in saying this to him?"

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a common response I receive is a lot of variations of "I don't know"🥴


This may be your experience too, and...

I know you’ve been craving to interact with men in a more thoughtful, meaningful way that will create plenty of opportunities for you to move into a loving, committed relationship.

You don't need a lot of time to build a connection with men. You simply need to create meaningful conversations worth having!

this even works
in speed dating!

In order to create meaningful conversations that easily lead to committed relationships...

You'll need to create a unique experience with men that they are not used to having… but also fiercely yearn for!


I call this… The B.O.M.B Ass Experience

It’s the 4-part modality I teach that has proven success to inspire quality men to fall in love and strongly desire to provide, protect and pursue for a serious commitment. 

The men you date are taking a journey with you…

And they want to know if committing to you as a final destination makes sense


The average woman objectifies men…meaning we often view men through the lens of “Can he be my man or not?” which reduces them down to mere objects of marital desire (in a similar way men may reduce us to objects of sexual desire). 


A quality man may like you and even begin pursuing you...but if he feels objectified during your conversations, he will pull away. 


He can sense deep down that you’re not truly interested in the man he is... because you’re so focused on “Can he be your man?” or not. 


When you’re being Bonafide in your conversation, you are genuinely connecting with men for WHO they are vs objectifying them for the relationship they can give you. 


And when you genuinely connect with WHO men are..they are excited about pursuing you,, because they feel seen, heard and understood.


In this Workshop, you’ll learn practical ways to converse with men in a genuine way to build excitement and foster trust. You’ll also receive a list of power questions that you can use to nurture the connection you have with men on day one. 


Women who constantly feel overlooked and forgotten by men often struggle with creating conversation, discussion and dialog that is worth remembering. 


Quality men are always in conversation with women.


…and unfortunately most of the women they’re dating sound the same.


Same greetings, same responses, same questions, same check-in texts lol.


It leads to communication that is repetitive, boring & lackluster…


…so even though they may like you…these men often lose interest and take their attention elsewhere.


When you’re being MEMORABLE your conversations are 2 things: Unique and Enjoyable. 


These types of conversations leave a lasting impression and make a major impact on the connections you create with men…


…leading these men to want more of you and a committed relationship with you. 


In this workshop, you’ll learn easy ways to become UNFORGETTABLE and easily receive the attention and interactions you desire while dating . You’ll also receive a resource of questions and responses that will help burn your essence on the minds of men.


Being Open is allowing yourself to be “seen” in conversations with men.


As high-achieving women of faith, we’ve been conditioned to speak, act and behave a certain way to receive approval from the society we live in (including family, church, and men). 


We fear being judged, criticized and rejected…


And because of these fears…in an attempt to protect ourselves (and gain acceptance)…we unknowingly wear masks. Meaning we hide our true identity, personality and feelings while also suppressing our thoughts and desires. 


It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are…or how visible you make yourself physically..


…if you can’t be SEEN by quality men for the woman you truly are…you will always struggle connecting with them


We cover how to begin feeling safe enough to be OPEN in conversation in the upcoming workshop. You’ll also receive bite-sized ways to begin revealing your true, authentic self so that men are connecting with who YOU are as a woman (and not turned off by the masks you’ve been putting up).


If you keep hearing “You’re wifey material”, yet men never seek to make you a wife (or proactively seek to commit to you in any way)…




If your interactions with men almost always fizzle out or never go anywhere…and you have no idea why…


….it’s a good chance you’re not emotionally bonding with men. 


Men are inspired to commit to women who create an emotionally bonding experience for them…


So if you’re not creating conversations that are bonding…you are blocking connection (and exclusive relationships) with quality men. 


Bonding conversations arouse strong feelings in men that allow them to feel a strong alignment with you past physical attraction. When they are emotionally bonded to you they are vulnerable, trusting and willing to give you their heart. 


In the Conversations that Inspire Commitment workshop, you’ll discover simple ways to bond with men in conversation by building a foundation of intimacy…even if you just met. You also learn how to take the types of conversations you’re already having with men and remix them slightly to create more emotional bonds. 

So when you learn how to create a B.O.M.B Ass Experience, the journey with you:


Builds Anticipation

Of getting to know you...

Sparks Inspiration

Around how to please you...


Creates Demonstration

Towards building a life with you...

No matter whether you're older, considered plus-sized, have small children as a single mother, don't fit the westernized beauty standard, etc...

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For example:

After divorce, one of my favorite clients integrated the B.O.M.B Experience in her conversations when she ventured out back into the dating world. 

Because of it, she was able to entertain multiple men who emotionally supported her, financially invested in her and seriously courted her for the purpose of marriage. 

Essentially they provided, protected, and pursued her!

Using the B.O.M.B Ass Experience allowed her to create quality options in men for her to choose from…

Which led her into the healthiest relationship she has ever been in..

...and she proved the naysayers wrong who tried to convince her that plus-sized women over 35 are leftovers and have to settle for less than they desire.

"I believe in the power of embracing your unique expression as a woman of faith and transforming it into a valuable experience that men love and also serves you at the highest level."


High-achieving (unchurched) women of faith are the most under-served demographics when it comes to dating...

(and when I say “unchurched”, I mean women who have a relationship with God, but have divested from harmful, male-identified traditions, teachings and rules of traditional religion). 


We were taught to keep our legs closed, how to be good girls and how to “wait on God” to send us our husbands…


…but none of this actually taught us how to actually navigate the modern dating world with confidence and wisdom. 


To be honest…all of the “teachings” and conditioning we received growing up hurt us more than it helped.

 While we were urged to focus on educating ourselves, land careers, and become
"Proverbs 31 Women"...

(and just wait for husbands to magically show up 🙄)...


...year after year we watched the men we desired bypass us in the church and choose women who didn’t follow the same religious “rules” as us…. or have the same principles and  “church” conditioning we received.

And now, even though we’ve released ourselves from the harmful religious conditioning and have begun building our true relationship with ourselves and the Divine Creator….


…we’re still struggling to learn how to build deep, intimate, thriving relationships with the opposite sex. 


And that’s why I’m here.


Hi, I'm Torah!

Your Host